Spiritual Prescriptions Book


Authors Cathy Thomas and Leslie EveloCathy Thomas LPCC (retired) and Leslie Evelo PhD are psychotherapists with 25 years experience each, working with clients to relieve their traumatic symptoms. In the past few years we have found that there are new energy techniques that may be able to offer symptom relief with less distress in the process. These energy techniques may be used in conjunction with therapy or completely outside of therapy for personal growth.

If pain relief is what you need, this is the book for you. 

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Drawing from alternative and non-traditional healing methods, you’ll discover positive and powerful techniques to use on your own, or in addition to psychotherapy to:

  • soothe your frazzled nerves
  • reconnect to your inner guidance
  • release your negative energy
  • experience deep peace in the midst of chaos


In addition we offer many articles on spirituality and metaphysical concepts that may  support your efforts to move into this age of enlightenment.  We  also introduce you to some self discovery practices that we find particularly useful. We hope you find inspiration and fascination within this information. We are living in amazing times and many of us are experiencing the transformation on earth. Lots of people are having particularly stressful times right now. We are hoping to provide ways to reduce the fear and tension that may surround these current events.

It is our belief that everything is going to turn out fantastically well but we may have to go through the birthing pains of change. Please remember that every living thing is going through this change and try to be as compassionate with yourself and others as you possibly can be. May we all lighten up as we pursue our own self growth.




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