The Violet Flame Prayer

Patricia Cota Robles has written a wonderful book called Who Am I and Why Am I Here? In it she talks about the appearance of the Violet Flame on our earth and its ability to transmute all negative energy. We have been given this amazing gift to use to clear the negativity and fear from our planet and the only requirement is that we must personally ask that the Violet Flame work on our behalf. I am presenting here the short mantra that I use throughout the day to invoke the Violet Flame to work in my life and for the benefit of all. Leslie and I join Patricia Cota- Robles in her desire for us to reach critical mass with the Violet Flame, when all energy will be positive in the blink of an eye. Her website is Era of Peace.

Please join me in invoking the Violet Flame by using this mantra.

Transmute, transmute, by Violet Fire

All causes and cores not of God’s desire

I am a being of cause alone:

That cause is Love, the sacred tone.


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