Spirituality is the core of all life. Whenever I think about the purpose of being on earth I think that it is to learn to give and receive love. My concept of God is one of the highest, clearest frequency possible, and the experience of complete unconditional love. Many books, including the Bible, speak of us as being the embodiment of God and being able to do all that Jesus did with his miracles. The way that I experience that is to know that within me resides this incredible loving energy and that the more I realize that that is who I am, the more I am able to give and receive love, and to perform the miracles as Jesus did. We are ALL God and we ALL have these abilities. It seems we have completely forgotten that we are God, that every inbreath is the breath of God and that we are responsible for the physical outgoing breath and what it produces here on Earth.

So often in psychotherapy, we are focused on what is “wrong” with us. We work at becoming better and more loving. I think this is another way of removing the blinders and remembering who we really are. At the core of us, is perfect loving energy. And at the oddest times, we really can see that within ourselves. Often a tragedy will bring that out in us. We lose sight of our own petty issues, and pour our hearts out in sympathy to those who are hurting. We glimpse the beautiful core of ourselves. I believe the Enlightened Ones are the ones who can remember this all of the time. They do not forget every other minute who they really are.

I believe that prayer and meditation are two ways to remember. One is speaking to God and one is listening to God. Both are links to that vital center, to that amazing, loving energy within and without us. It is said that there is no where that God is not. Therefore He/She is everyone—within everyone. Some people have completely forgotten and imagine that they are cut off from the loving energy. They act out in hatefilled ways. We can only act as mirrors for them and remind them of the love that is rightfully theirs. They believe that the world is dark. My experience is that the world is filled with light. Spirituality is searching for the light, trusting that the light exists.

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