Collage for Manifestation

Collage is a fabulous way to be creative even if you can’t draw anything and are terrified of painting. You just need to be able to cut and paste!  By gathering some magazines that you enjoy, you can begin to tear out or cut out pictures that you just love to look at and then look for images of things that you want to manifest in your life. Make a big pile of images and then begin to lay them onto your backing for the collage. Move the images around until you feel they are “just right” and then paste them to the back.

Small size collages:

I use a small 5″ x 8″ size to make my collection of cards that I use inspire my life. These cards usually represent something that I am wanting or needing in my life. Sometimes I don’t even realize until later what the cards represent but they usually become clear pretty quickly. I have a collection of these cards that can then be used as a personal oracle card deck that is especially powerful for me.

Sarah Gallant has developed a  program called Visioning with Heart and her website is Loominosity, She is the person with whom I work as I create my small collages. I highly recommend any of Sarah’s trainings which are usually in Cincinnati.

For an absolutely gorgeous walk through Sarah’s cards you can watch this video.

“I am deeply grateful to the artists whose wonderful work appears in these collages and who inspire me and others to restore and re-story, reflect, re-envision, re-energize, re-imagine, and re-enchant the world. It’s a magical,love-filled, and heart opening journey.” Sarah Gallant

SoulCollage® is another way to use collage to increase your understanding of yourself. Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage® , wrote a great book on the subject that will allow anyone to learn to do this on their own. It is creative and very, very, very easy to do even for the complete nonartist. The idea is that you begin to create cards–about 5″x8″ and each card represents an aspect of yourself or a support person in your life. You slowly create a deck of cards that you can then use as your own divination deck–very powerful because the images have such a deep meaning for you already. You may  enjoy checking out the website for SoulCollage® .

Large Intention Collages

I also use a double poster board size backing for my annual Intention Collage. I simply get 2 poster boards and tape them together. Then I lay out my images and words until I have filled the space and feel like it is done. Then I paste everything down and hang it on my wall in my office for the year. The images inspire me and the words remind me of where I want to focus my attention. At the end of the year you will see the deeper meaning of many of the images that you put on the collage “just because you liked them.”

Here are two examples of Intention Collages. As you can see you can use big images.


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