Astrology is a fascinating study of the planets and their movements. At the base of astrology are complex mathematical computations. I highly suggest getting an excellent natal chart reading as soon as you are able to do so. I recommend Pam Gallagher  who I know is a fabulous spiritual astrologer and who teaches classes on astrology both live and online, and Sharon Finch who specializes in working with businesses as well as individuals.  With your natal chart you can quickly learn what you came to balance(karma) from previous lives, and what your spiritual purpose is for this lifetime. Getting a progressed chart allows you to make the most of timing for your new goals and clarifies why you are feeling as you are in the current moment.

At first astrology can feel just shocking because it seems impossible that someone who only knows your name, birthdate and time and birthplace, can tell you incredibly accurate things about your personality and major events in your life. I encouraged many of my therapy clients to get a natal chart done.  We would find that the information that Pam would highlight would be the exact items we were working on in the therapy.

I would also like to highly recommend an astrology membership site that Elizabeth Jones offers called Astrocurrents Monthly. This site is very affordable and Elizabeth, who has a lifetime of experience, delivers more than you expect every single month. I can’t recommend her site enough. Her monthly information can be very helpful when the timing of events is important, such as the launch of a new business or the scheduling of surgery. Astrology can be a very useful tool in understanding what is going on in your life, particularly the very stressful periods of time and Elizabeth always offers the most spiritual view of what is happening with the planets.

It is important to know what your moon sign and your rising sign are. Everyone is aware of their sun sign, but we do not begin to really act out of our sun signs until midlife. So if the newspaper astrology has seemed off mark, it is. We spend the first half of our lives living as our moon signs and very few of us know what that is! Feel free to approach astrology with a child’s mind and a playful attitude. Over time you may really see that this information is not random, not silly, and not just a party trick. But that’s a fine way to start exploring it.

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