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Tarot Readings by Cathy Thomas

Do you have a deep desire to better understand your current situation or your soul’s purpose? In a tarot reading with me I’ll guide you.  You will walk away from the reading with increased clarity and insight into your situation, a clear sense of what to do to move toward your goal, and the inspiration to take the next step. I am here to help empower you to handle your current situation or to take the necessary steps to live your soul’s purpose.

As an international Tarot reader I seek to help individuals to clarify situations in their lives. Tarot is a really useful way of learning more about oneself and in broadening your connection to Divine guidance. Using Tarot allows a person a way to enter into the subconscious realms and to see more of what is in front of them. My readings have a spiritual emphasis to them and are to be used to empower yourself .

Tarot is useful in better understanding the dynamics in a situation. It helps the person getting the reading to more fully understand their own motivations and emotions.  One thing that the Tarot is not particularly good at is getting the exact timing of any event. In the subconscious world there is no time or space. Further, as an ethical issue, I do not use Tarot to diagnose any illness. I do not predict your future as if it was already fated. I help you to create the future that you wish to live.

Some suggestions for the types of questions that you might want to ask would be: What would the Universe like for me to know right now?  What would the Universe want me to realize with the current situation I am facing? What might I need to do to move toward the goal that I have?  Is there any way in which I am blocking my energy for doing what I would like to do?  Obviously there are endless other questions you could ask but these give you the flavor of a reading with me. Please see an extended list of possible questions.

When you purchase a reading:

  • I will send you an email with a list of potential questions to use to ask about your issue. I can only address one area of concern per reading but it can have several questions attached to that area. For instance if you are wanting to know about career issues, you might ask me several different questions in relation to that issue.
  • Once we have clarified what you want to know, I will create a personalized spread that answers the most significant questions and email it to you within a couple of days. It will include a photograph of your spread so that you can see the cards themselves, and an explanation of each card’s meaning in  relation to your question.
  • I will end with summarizing the answers to your questions.
  • I will then send you a feedback form so that you can let me know how you felt about the reading.

If you have questions or are interested in gaining insight and inspiration in regard to a problem you are having by getting a reading with me, please click on the red here below. It will take you to the page to purchase your reading.

Standard Email Readings are $60

  • You can ask whatever you want to ask with this reading with up to 6 questions on one topic
  • Please see the Tarot Readings drop down box for suggestions

Special Readings(Spiritual Compass or Celtic Cross) are $80

  • These readings have a group of specific questions.
  • Please see the Tarot Readings drop down box above

To purchase a reading or gift certificate(s) click here.

All sessions will be done by email and the email readings include a photograph of the spreads used.  I am happy to help you form your questions. Once you have purchased a reading feel free to contact me at catlpcc@gmail.com for help clarifying your question.



I want to share how much I appreciate Cathy’s professional and empathetic reading. As a professional tarot reader myself, you know that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get out of our own way and clear our vision. Cathy was able to help me do that by clearly articulating the meaning of the cards and creating a clear and concise picture of how the information was to be processed and providing a clear path forward. I commend her for an accurate reading given with feeling and compassion. Blessings!!!  Randy

I asked Cathy for a tarot reading around deciding whether to make a career change. She provided a very thorough and targeted reading around each of my 3 career options, and a card describing the overarching energy surrounding my decision-making process. Her reading also called attention to my soul’s purpose, to my life’s spiritual journey, and the importance of choosing career options that aligned with both. I loved the photos she included of the cards she had drawn. Cathy also provided me with the tarot text’s explanation of one of the cards that held particular importance in my reading. She then gave me her interpretation of the overall message that the cards were communicating about my situation. She must have tapped into my energy as part of her interpretation, because the comments she made were so spot on and specific.  In short, her reading was so accurate that it astounded me, and it gave me the clarification that I needed in order to make my decision. I highly recommend Cathy’s readings!              Susan Leonard, Cincinnati

Cathy, the reading you did for me last week was amazing! In truth, something shifts every time you do a reading for me! I walk away from each and every appointment feeling more informed and empowered. You interpret and share what you see in a way that leaves me feeling more confident…as well as more trusting that I can address and remove any blocks that might have shown up. Thank you for what you do! You truly have a gift! With much gratitude       Ellen S.

In regard to my tarot reading – I was very satisfied, I received clear guidance, I would definitely recommend Cathy  to my friends and family, and of course I will get more readings and it is definitely worth the money!!!! Cathy’s presentation of the information is all encompassing – her warmth shines throughout the reading – she is so articulate and not only conveys the content to her client but the feelings behind the content… she explains things very clearly – she has great interpretation skills… I really can’t say enough.           Julie Rebensdorf

Thank you so much for your reading! I am very pleased and satisfied with this reading!!!! Such powerful and exiting future! Very good details! So true! I will use this reading as a guide for my 2017 year, of course with my work and efforts!   Irina C.

Insightful and fulfilling. My tarot reading reaffirmed some inner beliefs I was struggling with, and helped me to focus on a positive future. 2017 feels like a great year and I feel ever more invigorated by my reading!  Ricky Apuzzo III

I can’t thank you enough as this has really lifted some heavy deep set worries that I was struggling to kick on my own! I feel you wrote in a way that leaves things open for me which related to the “snap shot in time” explanation. This was great as so often people get very caught up on readings and start to expect it all happen word for word but I felt very confident in having a choice in the matter. As tarot readings are so personal I feel it comes down to if you can really tune into different people’s energies and give them a reading that they can connect with, which you have done really well with me so I really don’t have anything that you could improve on.  E. M.

I had never seriously considered having a Tarot Card reading until a friend asked me if I would like one as a birthday gift.  I said “yes” and it turned out to be one of the best gifts ever. Some of the changes I’ve observed since the reading include:

  • Speaking up confidently and in a loving way during difficult conversations.  
  • Agonizing much less over what I’m supposed to be doing.
  • Enjoying my creative activities, knowing there is value in them even if I can’t know what that is.
  • Generally, being more accepting of myself and where I am right now. Vicki C.

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  1. Mili says:

    Cathy, the Tarot reading you shared with me was such a positive, relevant, opening experience! Thank you! Your recommendation of the Gilded Tarot was right on – the artwork is incredible and the energy of the deck feels uplifting to me. Your site has so many wonderful resources…I appreciate your synthesis of this valuable info and these tools.